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Since I was a child, I had a determination on working with something that makes the world a better place, especially for the people. That determination was reflected in the choice of my education and carrier paths within the NGO. Throughout my journey, photography has served as a sanctuary, striking a delicate balance between the harsh realities I confronted with a profound beauty I yearned to witness in the world.

#ArtForGood embodies the fusion of my two passions: creativity and making a lasting, positive impact.


Exclusive Collection 

This collection is a curated selection of PhotoArt that is too beautiful to be hidden from the world, but to anonymous to me to be able to give back to the people captured in the photo.

The photos were captured during different travels, hence the contact information to the people in them were never collected. 

However, my objective is to establish ongoing connections with these remarkable individuals, enabling me to share the profits derived from their images. If direct profit sharing proves unattainable, I will channel my contributions into NGOs operating within the subjects' respective countries of origin.

Now, you may wonder why I don't keep the entire profit to myself. 

Having been welcomed by the gracious communities where these individuals reside, it is only fitting that I reciprocate their kindness by sharing the proceeds with them.

For cases where direct profit sharing isn't feasible, I have made a pledge to donate 20% of the profits to an NGO dedicated to advocating children's rights in the country where the photo originated.

Photo Art Prints 

This collection is a curated selection of PhotoArt where 20 % of the profit goes to the NGO Paraply benefiting their work in Sweden and also in Bosnia & Hercegovina.

To learn more about Paraply and their impactful endeavors, visit their websites:

By investing in this unique, extraordinary PhotoArt, you are not only acquiring a captivating piece for your collection but also actively participating in the creation of a better world.

It's as simple as that.

Who knew buying art could make you a hero?!

Thank you,

Selma K. Halima

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